Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cuckold movie from Freecuckolds

Haven’t been blogging regularly. Let me summarized my days so far.

After work, I went home early to break fast with family and a cuckold movie! At night, the whole family went to perform “terawih” prayers. After my terawih prayers, I met up with my friends at Geylang. The crowd at Geylang was okay. In my opinion, the Geylang light-up is much more nicer and brighter this year. While walking at Tanjong Katong Complex, I saw a nice white lace “baju kebaya”. I admired it for a while and was urged by the shop owner to try it on. I told her that I won’t be making any purchase but she insisted that I try it on just for the fun of it. Well, I did. But I didn't buy it. I seldom buy “baju kebaya/kurung” during the first week of Ramadhan. I’m quite a fussy buyer actually. I will end up buying something towards the end of the fasting month. Bumped into loads of old friends, smoked till my head ached. There were loads of policemen walking in pairs around the cuckold movie area. Along the way to Joo Chiat Complex, a Chinese policeman walked beside me. I turned my head to look at him and when he smiled sweetly at me, I smiled back. Suddenly, his policeman’s cap dropped with a smack onto my arms. He gave me a sheepish smile when I handed the cap back to him with amused eyes. On the way home, I bought three ayam perciks for my family and "sambal" fishballs and otak-otak for myself. I can live on fishballs and otak-otak forever, I think. Especially fishballs.

Wanted to go to Singapore Expo for the MPH book sale but decided against it. I felt quite ill actually. So, guys, how was the book fair? Good? Bad? Tell me. At home, I cooked “asam pedas ikan pari” (stingray) and stir-fried mixed vegetables with mushrooms for the whole family while my mom fried “jemput jemput pisang” to bring for the “terawih” prayers in the evening. At night, the whole family went for the “terawih” prayers again. After the prayers had ended, there was a “ceramah” (talk) by an Indonesian woman. She talked mostly about the month of Ramadhan, what is forbidden or prohibited during the Ramadhan month and to “perbanyakkan zikir and istifgar” during this month. Went home at about 11.30 pm.

Wanted to go to the library but the thunder and lightning in my area looked murderous so I stayed at home and catch up on my surfing and reading. I might be cooking fish curry and omelette tahu telur later on.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Free Spring Thomas Again, and Again

Honestly I am getting a little sick of Free Spring Thomas sites out there. Spring Thomas makes me sick. Who does she think she is? Only having sex with african americans! That is not fair. Reverse discrimination at the fullest. It's almost racist. But some how, FREE SPRING THOMAS still sells. People don't see Spring Thomas for what she is for. Nothing but a money hungry, black cock slut. Some say good for her. Others, and most people, are like me. BLAH! Free Spring THomas, I think I will pass. But that is just one man's opinion... A RIGHT MAN!